Food Systems

AMBiT have been designing systems for handling most types of food products for more than 25 years. Our team of designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience which they can call on to solve any number of unusual, difficult or seemingly impossible applications that our customers bring to us.

Food Handling

AMBiT food handling systems are designed to transport your products with minimal damage.

We take into account your hygiene requirements so that the system can be cleaned with ease. All our systems are built with a focus on reducing ongoing maintenance.


Food Preparation

AMBiT manufacture systems which can prepare all manner of food products, ready for further processing or to go directly to customers’ own packaging equipment.

Our lines can wash, scrub, coat, de-stone, separate, dry and weigh. We can also incorporate other manufacturers’ equipment to detect metal, weigh, label and mark the products within our systems.


Food Processing

AMBiT manufacture food processing systems to cook, blanch, condition, cool and chill food.

We use the latest technology to design and build equipment to ensure it meets your requirements and is cost effective to run.

Our engineers understand our customers’ requirement for equipment that has low waste and energy usage while being easy to maintain and clean.