Flumed Product Dewatering

Dewatering equipment for a range of products.

Dewatering Conveyor (Mesh Belt)

  • Application: Dewatering after a washing
  • Features: Optional: Air knives, suction plenums
  • Product: Fruits, produce

Dewatering Reel (Mesh)

  • Application: Fine filtration
  • Features: Self cleaning stainless steel mesh
  • Products: Salads, prepared root vegetables, waste water

Dewatering Screen

  • Application: Dewatering pumped product
  • Features: High capacity
  • Product: Fruits, vegetables

Dewatering Reel (Wedge Wire)

  • Application: Dewatering small product (peas)
  • Features: Easily cleaned, non blinding
  • Products: Peas, pulses, diced root vegetables


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