AMBiT have a number of different washing systems that provide a high quality clean to all products.


  • High quality clean
  • Entire surface coverage
  • Faster process times
  • Automatic monitoring & dosing
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Gentle handling
  • Low water usage
  • Insect removal (including Aphids)

Flume Washer

AMBiT Flume Washers are good general purpose washing systems. Additional options can be added for the fine filtering of recycled water, making it an energy efficient and cost effective piece of equipment. Water chilling can be added and sterilising agent monitored automatically. This system is suitable for a wide range of salad leaves, vegetables and fruits.

Pipe Washer

Pipe Washing is a simple and effective way to wash product. Damage to delicate products is reduced by gentle handling, so it is ideal for salad leaves and herbs.  Guaranteed immersion and extended dwell time can be programmed. The system can be formatted to suit any space available and also provides fine filtering of recycled water and optional water chilling.

Brush Washer

Brush Washers remove tough, hard to reach dirt from the surface of products. AMBiT Brush Washers agitate the surface of products without damaging them. They can be used in conjunction with chemical dosing to sterilise the product surface. The process is often used prior to the preparation of fruit salad or extraction of juice for fruit juice.

Spray Washer

Spray Washers are ideal for the removal of dirt and surface sterilising of products such as celery. Systems can incorporate fine filtering of recycled water, automatic sterilising agent and optional water chilling.

Mist and Steam Washers

The Mist Washer can be used for the sterilising of delicate soft fruit where water take-up needs to be kept to a minimum or where the product has to be dried. The Steam Steriliser ensures fruit skins are sterilised before going to squeezing or into puree.

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