Product Pumping

Product pumping systems from AMBiT provide an effective transfer of food products within the food processing line by using water as a transport medium to elevate and convey many products quickly and gently. The water supports and serves as a protective cushion to the product being handled. An efficient method for transferring products within a process plant. A wide variety of products can be handled including rice, apples and citrus fruits.


  • Fast and efficient product pumping systems
  • Large distance product transfer
  • Handle a variety of different products
  • Can handle buoyant products, like apples
  • Low product damage
  • Can follow routes not available to conventional conveying

Product Pumping Food Systems

AMBiT have designed product pumping systems to handle a range of product requirements and have particular expertise in pumping buoyant produce like apples. Stone, contaminant and debris removal equipment can be combined with any of our pumping systems. A degree of disinfection can also be achieved as part of the process.

AMBiT also use product pumping systems to cope with height within a process plant. We recently designed a system that would pump 22 tonnes of citrus fruits per hour to another part of a plant efficiently and with minimum maintenance. The pump was capable of handling 250 cubic metres of water per hour with the pipe work spanning over 50 metres. More details are available here: Product Pumping Case Study

All AMBiT’s systems are designed to be efficient, hygienic and low maintenance and can follow routes not available to conventional conveying.

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Fluming and Product Pumping