Lifts & Tippers

AMBiT supply a wide rang of food tippers and lifts for the efficient decanting of produce from crates and bins directly into the food processing line. Our lifting and tipping systems are capable of safely lifting and tipping heavy containers up to any elevation. These systems help to reduce manual handling requirements and are a quick and efficient method of receiving bulk produce ready for processing. The systems can lift and tip in one action, and can be built to lift almost any type of container.


  • High and low level decanting heights
  • Wide range of food products
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully guarded
  • Safety interlocked
  • Fast process times
  • Low maintenance

Tippers for food processing lines

AMBiT supply tippers for food processing lines that can lift crates, tote bins, octabins or boxes into even-feed hoppers.

These units have a lifting capacity of up to 2,000kg. AMBiT also supply Tippers that can empty the product from the crate directly into the processing line.

Units are designed to decant from ground level or at height depending on the processing plant requirements and space available.

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Lifts and Crate Tippers