Food Graders

AMBiT manufacture two main types of grading systems, Roller Graders and Screen Graders. Our expertise ensures that your crop is handled gently and graded accurately. Our Screen Graders are especially efficient and grading mushrooms ensuring the mushrooms are graded to our customers exacting specifications. Our Roller Graders are extremely flexible and efficient and can grade almost any type of crop including potatoes, root vegetables, carrots and onions.


  • Range of sizes available
  • Can be sized for diameter or length
  • Built to required specification
  • Fast process times
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design

Screen and Roller Graders

AMBiT offer two main types of grading equipment: Screen Graders and Roller Graders. These can be used to grade a wide variety of fruit, vegetable or other produce. They can be built to meet specific technical requirements and can be designed to grade produce by diameter or length depending on the desired output required.

The Screen Grader is particularly good for mushrooms and small to medium produce and can grade sizes up to 60mm.

The Roller Grader is used for root vegetables, fruits and tomatoes and can grade sizes up to 150mm.

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Size Grader for Produce