Food Conveyors

AMBiT supply custom built food conveyors for specialised applications within the food processing industry. We work very closely with our customer’s, understanding and meeting their needs on the very specific and sometimes unique solutions to solve their food product handling challenges. Our wide range of food conveyors process the removal of contaminants in fruit and vegetables.



  • Removal of fine contaminants
  • Fast process times
  • Combination of air and mechanical separation
  • For products not passing through washing process
  • Low maintenance
  • Insect removal (including Aphids)

Flat Bed Food Conveyors

These conveyors are for general conveying through the processing plant and can also be used for washing, cooling and enrobing. Our conveyors come as linear systems or with bends throughout depending on the routes needed within your factory. Belts come in a variety of types including: PVC, plastic modular, SS wire, platten and slat band. Our flat bed conveyors are suitable for all food products, crates, boxes and containers.

Food Conveyors for Foreign Body Removal

Contaminants can come in many forms making removal difficult, especially where a product is not going to be washed. AMBiT’s approach is to provide a combination of air and mechanical separation within the food conveyor.

The units can be combined with an extraction system for lighter contaminants or an air cannon for larger, heavier ones. Produce is continually shaken along a mesh shaker belt, allowing insects, stones and small items to fall through to waste collecting conveyors or crates.

Shaker Food Conveyor

The Shaker Conveyor is the perfect choice when handling dry, delicate products that you do not want to pass through water. A particularly difficult product is Parsley, especially when it needs to processed at 5-6,000 kilos per hour. More details of a line we built to remove foreign bodies from parsley are available here: Foreign Body Removal Case Study

Quality improvements are continually being sought and AMBiT combine air and mechanical separation to ensure products meet the highest possible quality output.

Metal Detect & Weighing Food Conveyors

These food conveyors are used for pre-cutting protection, checks before and after packing, weight checking and also can be used for foreign object removal. The conveyors feature metal detection, instantaneous digital capacity readouts and linked in line control. All types of food products can be used on these conveyors.

Trimming Food Conveyors

Our trimming conveyors are used for waste removal on a product or to prepare product for further processing within the food processing plant. These conveyors can feature multiple cutting and work stations and come in a variety of belt types including: PVC, plastic modular and wire belt. Suitable for fruits and vegetables. More details of a conveyor we built to trim celery can be found here: Celery Packing Case Study.

Roller Food Conveyors

Our roller conveyors are perfect for sorting and separating product throughout the processing plant. Particularity suitable for root vegetables and citrus fruits which need to be size graded. Recently used for a baked potato manufacturer, read the case study here: Frozen Baked Potato Case Study.

Tunnel Conveyors

Tunnel conveyors can be fitted with Ultra Violet lamps to sterilise surfaces. This process is often used to treat packages and containers as they pass through from reception into high care areas. The unit achieves a high reduction in bacterial count and ensures total coverage of the product by UV rays. The conveyor can be used for dry sterilisation transfer or for total immersion into UV sterilisation units.

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