Destoning & Cleaning

AMBiT manufacture three types of de-stoning systems to cover a wide range of products.


  • High quality clean
  • Entire surface coverage
  • Removal of heavy contaminants
  • Vertical, Flume and Cyclonic versions
  • Fast process times
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Low water usage

Vertical and Cyclonic

These systems are best suited to large fruit and root vegetables. The process removes stones and clods prior to further preparation. In addition, the vertical system can provide elevation of the product along the process line.


The flume system can remove heavy contaminants such as glass, stones and nails from produce. It can also be located after blanching on the process line so that light pumice type stones are removed. This system is particularly effective for garden peas and pulses.

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Stone and Foreign Body Removal