Destoning & Cleaning

AMBiT manufactures a range of vegetable and fruit de-stoning systems that ensure stones are removed from food produce prior to the washing process. From cyclone de-stoners to economical flume de-stoners, AMBiT has a de-stoning solution to suit a wide range of vegetables and fruits. With our high quality de-stoning and cleaning equipment, stones, clods and other materials which may be present within a crop are removed at the beginning of the vegetable processing line, ensuring a high quality end product.


  • High quality clean
  • Entire surface coverage
  • Removal of heavy contaminants
  • Vertical, Flume and Cyclonic versions
  • Fast process times
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Low water usage

Cyclonic Vertical De-stoner

These systems are best suited to large fruit and root vegetables. The process removes stones and clods prior to further preparation. In addition, the vertical system can provide elevation of the product along the process line. A recent system was manufactured to remove stones or contaminants from beetroot, view the system here: Beetroot Intake System.

Flume Cleaning Process

The flume system can remove heavy contaminants such as glass, stones and nails from produce. It can also be located after blanching on the process line so that light pumice type stones are removed. This system is particularly effective for garden peas and pulses.

Riffle Stone Removal Cleaning Process

This process is used for pre & post washing for the removal of heavy contaminants & also more specifically the removal of any glass fragments. The system features an automated contaminant discharge and is suited to produce such as wheat, rice and pulses.

Screw Stone Removal Cleaning Process

We have systems that can combine stone removal & elevation of produce within the food processing plant. This system elevates product, whilst at the same time removes stones & clods. Particularly suited to root crops and top fruit (e.g. apples).

Click on the link below for more details on our destoning equipment:
Stone and Foreign Body Removal