Cookers & Blanchers

AMBiT supply a range of wide range of food cookers and blanchers. We manufacture food processing systems to cook, blanch, condition, cool and chill food. We use the latest technology to design and build equipment to ensure it meets your specific requirements and is cost effective to run. We have increased machine capacity, eliminated under-cooking and over-cooking, and enable the highest quality vegetables, dry beans, pasta, and rice in the industry.


  • Energy efficient
  • Even controlled temperature
  • Two stage temperature system
  • Even feed
  • Low maintenance

Hybrid Screw/Drum Cookers

The Hybrid Screw/Drum cooker developed by AMBiT is a highly efficient heat injection system. The amalgamation of the screw and drum cooker creates a number of advantages including: accurate processing time, improved product quality, increased capacity and lower operating costs.

Batch Cookers

Batch cookers are also available that can cook, quench and chill products within the processing plant.

Steam Cookers

Atmospheric Steam Cookers have a faster processing time, improved product quality with an even cook and high capacity intake. These cookers have low maintenance and excellent reliability. Particularly suited to vegetables our cookers can process up to 10 tonnes of produce an hour.

Hot Water Screw Cookers

Hot Water Screw Cookers are particularly suited to products that have longer cooking times as they extend the processing time. They have are energy efficient and can operate at a high capacity. They are particularly suited to root vegetables and can process up to 15 tonnes per hour.

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