Conveyors & Elevators

Designed to enable produce to transfer efficiently through the process plant via a wide range of systems.


  • Handle any type of food product
  • Huge range of types available
  • Special features can be added
  • UV sterilising option
  • Fast process times
  • Low maintenance

Conveyors and Elevators

AMBiT supply a wide range of Conveyors and Elevators including belt, chain, screw and pocket. Systems can be designed with special features to suit many different applications within the process plant.

Pocket Elevators are particularly popular for the processing of diced vegetables or garden peas. They are designed to elevate free flowing food with minimal spillage and can reach rates of 6-10 tonnes per hour.

Tunnel Conveyors

Tunnel conveyors can be fitted with Ultra Violet lamps to sterilise surfaces. This process is often used to treat packages and containers as they pass through from reception into high care areas.

The unit achieves a high reduction in bacterial count and ensures total coverage of the product by UV rays. The conveyor can be used for dry sterilisation transfer or for total immersion into UV sterilisation units.

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