Coating & Enrobing Sauces

AMBiT manufacture two main types of coating systems that handle meats and vegetables through to dried products like nuts and potato snacks. Dip and Wier coating systems are perfect for coating meat products in a sauce and provide total product coverage. Our rotary coating systems are used for applying seasoning to produce such as nuts or adding breadcrumbs to meat or vegetable produce. All of our systems guarantee fast processing times and can be incorporated into your existing food processing plant within the production line.


  • Total product coverage
  • No coating wastage
  • Applicable for a variety of products/enrobing liquids
  • Fast application times
  • Handles high temperature coating liquids
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic design

Dip & Weir Coating

AMBiT coating systems guarantee total product coverage, with no coating wastage. Application levels can be varied to suit product needs, so you have full control over the system. The Dip & Weir system is suitable for liquids such as oil, batter and sauces. Hot and cold mixing and holding vessels can be incorporated into the system. In addition the system can provide oil melt vessels for products such as palm oil.

Rotary Reel Coating

This system is designed to ensure constant even distribution of dried powder onto a product. Powders can include salt, flavourings or breadcrumbs. The rotary system ensures products are evenly coated and is ideal for nuts and potato snacks. The system incorporates a weighed product flow with metered proportional applications of coatings to ensure total product coverage and no coating wastage.

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