Elevators for Food

Quality Elevation Equipment.

Flighted Elevators

  • Purpose: General elevation
  • Features: Goose Neck, straight, metal detectable
  • Belt Type: PU, PVC, plastic modular, stainless steel wire
  • Product: Food produce

Screw Elevators

  • Purpose: Spillage free elevating
  • Features: Optional: Multiple discharge, heating, cooling
  • Screws: Single, double and multiple pitch
  • Product: Granules, powders, pastes, mash, root veg, cereals

Spillage Free Elevators

  • Purpose: Spillage free elevation of product
  • Features: High speed, complete product containment
  • Belt Type: PU
  • Product: Free flowing, low abrasive

Vertical Elevators

  • Purpose: Provides elevation where space is restricted
  • Features: Interlock cage guarding, automatic continuous operation
  • Product: Free flowing food produce


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