Conveyors for Food Products

High quality conveying systems.

Flat Bed Conveyors

  • Purpose: General conveying, washing, cooling, enrobing
  • Features: Bend, linear
  • Belt Type: PVC, plastic modular, SS wire, platten, slat band
  • Product: All food product, crates, boxes, containers

Foreign Body Removal Conveyors

  • Purpose: Removal of insects, stones, dirt
  • Features: Shaker unit, automated waste collection
  • Belt Type: Plastic modular, stainless steel mesh
  • Product: Salad Leafs and Vegetables

Metal Detect/Check Weighing Conveyors

  • Purpose: Pre-cutting protection, check before/after packing, weight check, foreign object removal
  • Features: Metal detection, instantaneous digital capacity readout, linked in line control
  • Belt Type: Non metallic
  • Product: All food products

Trimming Conveyors

  • Purpose: Waste removal, product preparation
  • Features: Multiple cutting and work stations
  • Belt Type: PVC, plastic modular, wire belt
  • Product: Fruits, vegetables

Roller Conveyors

  • Purpose: Product orientation, separation, spacing
  • Features: Indexing and continuous
  • Roller Type: Diablo, parallel spreader
  • Product: Root vegetables, citrus fruits

Screw Conveyors

  • Purpose: Spillage free transfer
  • Features: Multiple discharge locations, even feed
  • Screws: Single, double and multiple pitch
  • Product: Powders, pastes, granules, mash, root veg, cereals

Tray Feed Conveyors

  • Purpose: Product transfer into containers
  • Features: Automatic indexing and tray feeding
  • Belt Type: Flat flex, stainless steel wire
  • Product: Wide range of products

Trough Belt Conveyors

  • Purpose: High speed, long conveying
  • Features: Travelling point discharge, low spillage
  • Belt Type: PU, PVC, Rubber
  • Product: All food products

UV Sterilizing Conveyor

  • Purpose: Sterilization, high care transfer
  • Features: UV lamp indicators, light containment
  • Belt Type: Stainless steel wire
  • Product: Vegetables, fruits, meats, containers, cartons

V – Belt Conveyors

  • Purpose: Product orientation, linear transfer
  • Features: Even feeding
  • Belt Type: PU, PVC
  • Product: Vegetables, citrus fruits


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