Sterilised Fruit Juice

AMBiT Projects were approached by a major fruit juice supplier to improve on their existing system.

Fruit-Juice-1Three major producers of freshly squeezed fruit juice use AMBiT systems within their processing plants and we were recently approached by a major supplier to improve on their existing system.

Before citrus fruit is squeezed the skin needs to be sterilised by applying heat or washing in some form of sterilising agent.


  • Include a guaranteed dwell time in water with a sterilising agent added
  • Improve squeezing efficiency by size grading the fruit and delivering the graded fruit to the squeezing units


Fruit-Juice-2Guaranteed Dwell Time for Sterilising

To introduce a guaranteed dwell time the new approach involved removing the existing heating and chilling system from the process and to instead use a Sterilising Pipe Washer. The Pipe Washer would provide a guaranteed dwell time and also enable the addition of a sterilising agent.

The pipe used was over 40 metres in length with a 250mm diameter. Product could flow through the pipe at a speed of 1,000mm per second leading to faster processing times.

The system provided a minimum dwell time of 40 seconds. Once the product had passed through the pipe washer it was discharged over a de-watering roller conveyor where it could be inspected.

Improved Squeezing Efficiency

Product was then passed through a 4 lane size grader which had the ability to give the fruit two different grade sizes. There was also an oversize grade available.

The graded fruit was then elevated and directed along to the squeezing units. These units were fitted with correct cup sizes for the two different sized fruits. The juice was then extracted and transferred into holding tanks for further processing.

AMBiT design and manufacture each system out of suitable grades of stainless steel to cope with the acidic natures of fruit juices & cleaning chemicals.

The new AMBiT system improved yield, needed less operator interface, was cleaner and meant the area was free of escaping steam.