Frozen Baked Potato

AMBiT Projects were selected to design, manufacture and install an innovative new pick and place line feed system for a major potato processor.

Demand in the marketplace is always changing and a client had the desire to produce a really good tasting baked potato that could be microwaved from frozen.

Client RequirementsBaker-potato-1-300x200

  • Devise a system that would put a cross into each potato and deliver them into the oven with the cross upward
  • Cut the cross a specific depth on each potato
  • Ensure the potatoes were positioned correctly with the long and short axis lining up correctly with the cutting machine
  • Production to run 24 hours a day 6 days a week with minimum operator intervention
  • High quantity of potatoes to be fed through the system

AMBiT Solution

potato-1We worked closely with the clients’ development team to devise the system and design the equipment that would be required to deliver this new product.

The overall design criteria was for the potatoes to be automatically and continuously placed onto a conveyor with accuracy. An additional system was then devised for a set depth cross to be cut into each potato. They were then lifted and deposited onto an oiler conveyor before being delivered into the oven.

The completed system comprised:

  • A Crate Tipper which enabled the potatoes to be loaded by pallet truck with 500 kilo crates
  • An Even Feed Bulk Conveyor which sorted the potatoes into lanes through a Vibratory Conveyor
  • A Singulation Conveyor that separated the individual potatoes and then placed them onto a Platen Conveyor
  • A Platen Conveyor that pierced the potatoes with the cross cut before lifting and depositing them onto the conveyor into the oven

Finally, all the moving parts of the system were enclosed within an electrically interlocking cage to provide safe access for cleaning and maintenance.

Capacities of 10,000 potatoes per hour were achieved with minimum operator intervention to meet the demands for the client.