Foreign Body Removal

AMBiT have created a bespoke system to deal with contaminant removal on unwashed products like parsley.

Foreign-body-1AMBiT supply a wide range of wash systems that include insect removal features, but a different technique is needed for product that is not going to be washed, for example delicate herbs.

One particularly difficult product is parsley. It often has a large number of insects and contaminants that need to be completely removed before packaging.

Contaminant removal from parsley

Our approach to this problem was to use a combination of air and mechanical separation to give the product the best possible chance of being contaminant free.

The airflows were passed through and against the product flow. At the same time, mechanical separation was implemented by passing the parsley along a mesh shaker belt. A highly efficient and fast system was built that could processes 5-6,000 kilos per hour. This is equivalent to more than 15,000 bags of supermarket parsley being processed every hour!


The product was continually shaken as it passed along the conveyor allowing insects, stones and small items to fall through onto the waste collecting conveyors. Some insects became airborne, and were able to be extracted and filtered.

Larger heavy contaminants could also be removed by the addition of an air cannon system.

One customer handling salad leaves commented, “Our customer feedback with reference to complaints has been greatly reduced since the installation of the shaker belt system.”

This system is also suitable for a wide range of leafy salads and herbs.