Celery Packing Line

AMBiT redesigned an existing conveyor resulting in improved quality, reduced waste and reduced labour.

celery-line-2With the increased demand for single stick celery packing, AMBiT needed to introduce new processes into its existing celery packing lines. To enable this re-design a number of issues had to be considered:-

  • The location of the head of the celery on the cutting conveyor
  • Noise and environmental issues associated with the high-pressure water jet cutters
  • The large number of operators needed to carry out visual inspections
  • The damage to the cut end of the celery sticks
  • The quality of the wash
  • Trying to keep the celery fresh throughout the process

AMBiT’s innovative solution

celery-line-3We redesigned the feed conveyor doing away with flights which enabled the product to be tipped from hand crates. This in turn reduced the number of operators from 14 to 3.

A laser beam guide was incorporated for the location of the celery head on the cutting conveyor to ensure precision cutting within the process.

To handle the noise and environmental issues experienced with high-pressure water jet cutters, we provided a white wall surround to the area. This also had an interlocked door which was directly linked to the safety system to ensure safety standards were met and exceeded.

An air cannon was incorporated to blow away any small pieces of celery and any remaining flag leaf. All transfer along the system was re-designed to make it as gentle as possible to ensure product quality at all times.

An effective washing system was designed using fan jet sprays and fine filtration of the recycled water also achieved. The celery was kept fresh prior to packing by incorporating wash water chilling and a chilled buffer tank within the process line.